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> What I am curious about, is whether there are also efforts ongoing that are
> focused on influencing community behavior in a more preventive manner. I'm
> not sure how that would work out in practice,


But I do want to express my hope that somewhere in the
> Foundation (and affiliates), work is being done to also look at preventing
> bullying and harassment - besides handling it effectively. And that you
> maybe keep that work in mind, when developing these tools. Some overlap may
> exist - for example, I could imagine that if the
> harassment-identificationtool is reliable enough, it could trigger warnings
> to users before they save their edit, or the scores could be used in admin
> applications (and for others with example-functions). A more social
> approach that is unrelated, would be to train community members on how to
> respond to poisonous behavior. I'm just thinking out loud here, and others
> may have much better approaches in mind (or actually work on them).

Actually Lodewijk, it's happening not too far from you. Wikimedia
Nederland [1] has been working on this for a while, quietly, with
small samples and small steps, but with good results and most
importantly, a lot of hope and resilience to pursue this really really
hard work.




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