> there are a lot of resources based in the US that may
> need to be distributed on a wider base including
> personal/private data already collected by the WMF

For editors, but not readers. On November 8 a top
foundation official tweeted that the Foundation would
not store personally identifying information in reader
logs. Samuel Klein retweeted the statement, but the
tweet has since been deleted.

According to this recently created document:


the Foundation keeps full reader logs with IP addresses
so that "in order to allow buffer time to be able to rerun
metrics due to bugs or data issues." Although the
analytics team has been responsive to many of my
questions, nobody has been able to give any reasons
why it is more important to "rerun metrics" than to
protect the privacy of readers, after repeated requests
for any such reasons, or even the basis upon such
a decision about the trade-off is made. Furthermore,
while that document states that it's "imperative for
Ops to be able to examine raw IP addresses" but after
at least half a dozen requests, nobody in analytics or
Ops has said whether Ops is able to use the request
logs with IP addresses but not article names.

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