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> Should the Foundation take a position on a general strike?
> https://twitter.com/trevortimm/status/825395993789157376
> https://twitter.com/ericgarland/status/825403294667436033
> I know this is an unusual question, but when is the last time that the U.S.
> judiciary has deployed Federal Marshals against its own executive branch?
> https://professional-troublemaker.com/2017/01/29/federal-judge-sends-u-s-
> marshals-to-prevent-trump-from-enforcing-muslim-ban/
> Best regards,
> Jim Salsman

I'm alright with the WMF taking a position on issues when they're likely to
have a serious impact on the core mission of Wikimedia.

I fail to see how this is one of those things. The WMF is not a political
advocacy organization.

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