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2017-01-31 15:38 GMT+01:00 John Erling Blad <jeb...@gmail.com>:

> Swedes have trouble speaking with both Norwegians and Danes, Danes have
> lesser trouble with Swedish and even less with Norwegian, Norwegians have
> virtually no problems wiith Swedish and Danish. People from Island and the
> Faroe icelands usually speaks Danish, they learn it in school, and as
> Norwegian and Danish is pretty close they usually understands Norwegians
> without any problem. It is somewhat strange how much trouble Swedes have in
> understanding the other Scandinavian languages, given that they are so
> closely related.

As far as I know, there's no major difference between Swedish and Danish
understanding of the neighbouring languages. When looking at Denmark,
Sweden and Norway and how well adolescents understand their neighbours,
Delsing & Lundin (2005) found two things that really stand out: On average
Norwegians understand Danish and Swedish significantly better than Danes or
Swedes understand the other Scandinavian languages – especially the Danish
understanding of their neighbours had dropped since Øivind Maurud looked at
the same thing in the 1970s – and both Danes and Swedes found Norwegian the
easiest foreign Scandinavian language to understand.

(They mainly performed OKish when it came to understanding written text;
understanding of the spoken languages are more difficult – the Norwegians
struggled with spoken Danish, too. Here's Norwegian national TV making fun
of how difficult the other Scandinavians generally find Danish:

(Reference: Delsing, Lars-Olof & Lundin, Katarina. "Håller språket ihop
Norden? : en forskningsrapport om ungdomars förståelse av danska, svenska
och norska" (2005):

//Johan Jönsson
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