I strongly support keeping messages without a clear connection to
Wikimedia's purpose off this list -- especially when multiple people have
already objected to a certain topic.

I am as worried about world politics and the future as anybody on this
list, but Wikimedia has a fairly clear mission and purpose, and I do not
see how this topic fits here.

The best way IMO to work on these issues is to improve Wikimedia *content*
relating to, e.g., U.S./China relations. But one factor which may strongly
contribute to what's going on here, and which may be unknown to many on the
list: the originator of this thread (and I'm deliberately avoiding names)
has been banned from English Wikipedia for many years. Perhaps that's why
we keep getting messages here that might be more appropriate for article
talk pages.

But, in short, I concur with what's been said. We've heard enough about
this topic on this list. The passion is admirable; please direct it toward
a more effective venue.

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