It's been a while since the last official WikiCite update but I am thrilled
to announce that we have dates confirmed for *WikiCite 2017

*WikiCite 2017* is a 3-day conference, summit and hack day hosted in
*Vienna* on *May 23-25, 2017* (back to back with the Wikimedia Hackathon

It expands efforts <>
that started last year in Berlin with WikiCite 2016
<> towards the creation of a
bibliographic repository to serve open knowledge.

WikiCite 2017 will be a venue to:

   1. present on progress of existing and new initiatives around citations
   and bibliographic data across Wikimedia projects (day 1: conference)
   2. discuss technical, social, outreach and policy directions (day 2:
   3. get together to hack on new ideas and applications (day 3: hack day)

For a summary of what was accomplished last year, you can read our report

Additional details on the event, the application process for prospective
participants, travel support requests, and information about the venue will
be posted shortly on Meta <>
and via the mailing lists, but we wanted to share the dates as early as
possible so you can save them in your calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

on behalf of the WikiCite 2017 organizers

*Dario Taraborelli  *Director, Head of Research, Wikimedia Foundation • • @readermeter
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