After the ban was announced, StackOverflow founder Joel Spolsky posted an
impassioned call to arms [1] to Meta Stack Overflow (the StackOverflow
equivalent of MetaWiki/wikimedia-l). The community was not happy and a
closing discussion was started. In the end the orginial post was closed and
Spolsky agreed to rewrite it as a company blog post [2] instead. The
discussion is IMO worth a read:

Another discussion that comes to mind is the straw poll [3] on the proposal
to run a banner campaign to protest the imprisonment of Wikipedian and open
source/content advocate Bassel Khartabil by the Syrian government. (The
proposal was closed as lacking consensus.)

Both of these discussions are about community action, and it makes sense
that the WMF would have more freedom in how it expresses itself when
talking in its own name, on its own blog; still, the discussions might
offer some insight into how community members often view political activism
for specific local concerns that's sort of happening in the name of a
global community.

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