Arbitration report: WMF Legal and ArbCom weigh in on tension between
disclosure requirements and user privacy

Special report: Wolves nip at Wikipedia's heels: A perspective on the cost
of paid editing

News and notes: Official WMF rebuke to Trump policy; WMF secures restricted

In focus: WMF strategy consultant brings background in crisis reputation
management; Team behind popular WMF software put "on pause"

WikiProject report: For the birds!

Op-ed: How to make editing workshops useful, even if participants don't
stick around

In the media: Presidential politics, periodic table, and our periodic
roundup of updates

Technology report: Better PDFs, backup plans, and birthday wishes

Traffic report: Cool It Now

Featured content: Three weeks dominated by articles

Forum: Productive collaboration around coordinated protest marches; Media
and political personalities comment on Wikipedia at its 16th birthday

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