OhNoitsJamie 1 wrote:
>I have been long interested in starting my own MediaWiki project, but the
>issue is that I cannot maintain server infrastructure myself. Also, most
>of the MediaWiki hosting services listed do not meet my requirements.

What are your requirements?

>Therefore, I was wondering if the WMF would consider starting a new
>project that I could be founder of. I'm open to a variety of topics,
>please let me know what you would prefer.

Have you investigated using Wikimedia Labs? This page has more
information: <https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Portal:Wikimedia_Labs>.

The Wikimedia Foundation already hosts over 800 wikis. Maybe you can
explain why you feel you need your own wiki instead of using an existing
one or setting up your own test wiki on Labs or using a service like Wikia?


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