trying to understand the process as well as the why here,

what I see at is that they havent
supplied the 2015-16 report they report on the period 1 Jul to 30 Jun (same
as WMAU). On September 9 2016 they were asked to furnish this report and
given until 1 November to do it.

If this had been Australia our reporting occurs with the our annual general
meeting normally in October at which the members endorse or reject the
reports(never happened) at the same time the committee is dissolved and
elections take place(legal requirement in Australia) This new committee has
a number of functions to carry out of the change over including reporting
to a number of Government agencies, as well as to the WMF which happened on 7

Looking at the WMHK reporting the previous period 2014-15 report wasnt
posted until 1st December, to place an expectation of compliance by 1
November in September 2016 when the normal reporting time frame is
historically longer appears unfair and designed to cause conflict.

Recognising some faults in that the 2014-15 report wasnt adequate and needs
to be improved, and that its now February 2017 the report still hasnt been
furnished. The process of de-registering that has taken place based on the
information provided appears flawed.  I dont discount that other
information not made available makes this a necessary step but perhaps
there is room for a period suspension  12-18 months which is what it would
take to get another affiliate started anyway would.

Observation: When we place trust within the projects and the community it
appears that we like to grab the biggest stick possible to whack people
with it with at the first opportunity.

On 8 February 2017 at 15:29, Gilbert Conus <>

> Hi,
> where is it possible to read this specific list of tasks in order to
> understand this email ?
> Regards,
> Gilbert
> Le 08.02.2017 à 03:19, Kirill Lokshin a écrit :
>> Hi everyone,
>> Recognition as a Wikimedia movement affiliate — a chapter, thematic
>> organization, or user group — is a privilege that allows an independent
>> group to officially use the Wikimedia trademarks to further the Wikimedia
>> mission. While most affiliates adhere to the basic compliance standards
>> set
>> forth in their agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation, a protocol has
>> been developed to address the exceptional cases when a Wikimedia movement
>> affiliate does not meet basic compliance standards and their continued
>> recognition as a Wikimedia movement affiliate presents a risk to the
>> Wikimedia movement.
>> On September 9, 2016, Wikimedia Hong Kong was notified of their suspension
>> as a Wikimedia affiliate due to long standing non-compliance with
>> reporting
>> requirements, and was provided with an explicit list of tasks and
>> deadlines
>> in order to return to compliance with their chapter agreement. The chapter
>> failed to complete these tasks by the deadline of November 1, 2016, and
>> was
>> consequently notified that they would no longer be recognized as a
>> Wikimedia chapter after the termination of their Chapter Agreement on
>> February 1, 2017.
>> If you have questions about what this means for the community members in
>> Wikimedia Hong Kong’s geographic area or language scope, we have put
>> together a very basic FAQ, which may be found at
>> _de-recognition_FAQ
>> .
>> Regards,
>> Kirill Lokshin
>> Vice-Chair, Affiliations Committee
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