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> Observation: When we place trust within the projects and the community it
> appears that we like to grab the biggest stick possible to whack people
> with it with at the first opportunity.

I am not going to comment on this particular case - although I believe that
to make a fair judgment one would probably have to go into a bit more
details than compare the dates of report submissions.

I have to say that in my whole hands-on experience with the WMF staff
responsible for relations with our affiliates over the last 5+ years, I
have NEVER observed their urge to "grab the biggest stick possible to whack
people at the first opportunity" as you put it. Have they misunderstood
cultural nuances? Sure, sometimes. Have they been driven by their own
strong view how things should be done? Definitely (not sure if it is always
a bad thing, btw). Have they decided about the things, that the community
should have more influence on? Maybe.

However, on a number of occassions I have seen the WMF staff to be really
supportive and passionate about the affiliate work. The drive to punish
anyone is something I've never observed. For the good or for the bad, they
are professionals. They definitely occasionally make mistakes, like we all
do - and these should be constructively discussed, while aiming at the best
possible result for the community. But I believe that suggesting that the
WMF is simply waiting for opportunities to use disproportionate punishments
on affiliates is outright assuming bad faith, and is unfair.


dariusz ("pundit"), current community-elected trustee
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