This particular decision has arguably been a long time coming, but I am sad that it has indeed happened. My best wishes to all Wikimedians in Hong Kong with whatever their plans are for the future.


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Hi everyone,

Recognition as a Wikimedia movement affiliate — a chapter, thematic
organization, or user group — is a privilege that allows an independent
group to officially use the Wikimedia trademarks to further the Wikimedia
mission. While most affiliates adhere to the basic compliance standards set
forth in their agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation, a protocol has
been developed to address the exceptional cases when a Wikimedia movement
affiliate does not meet basic compliance standards and their continued
recognition as a Wikimedia movement affiliate presents a risk to the
Wikimedia movement.

On September 9, 2016, Wikimedia Hong Kong was notified of their suspension
as a Wikimedia affiliate due to long standing non-compliance with reporting
requirements, and was provided with an explicit list of tasks and deadlines
in order to return to compliance with their chapter agreement. The chapter
failed to complete these tasks by the deadline of November 1, 2016, and was
consequently notified that they would no longer be recognized as a
Wikimedia chapter after the termination of their Chapter Agreement on
February 1, 2017.

If you have questions about what this means for the community members in
Wikimedia Hong Kong’s geographic area or language scope, we have put
together a very basic FAQ, which may be found at

Katie Chan
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