Hi everyone,

By now you will all have heard that Wes  has decided to find a new adventure 
and will be leaving the Foundation.  I wanted to take a moment and offer my 
sincere thanks to him not only for his contribution to the Foundation and the 
Movement these past two years (which has been enormous) but also for his 
amazing support to me personally as I came into the CTO role and began to find 
my feet. I could not have wished for a better partner and I am truly sad that 
he chosen to follow a path outside the Foundation. But as I have told him, jobs 
may come and go but friendships last a lifetime and I know we will be friends 
for a long time! Wes, you are a man of exceptional grace and I look forward to 
continuing to work with you in the movement. 

I also wanted to say that in the time I have been in the Foundation I have come 
to know and admire what Toby Negrin and his team has achieved. Toby, you have 
shown great leadership and your drive for results is benefiting our communities 
day in day out. I look forward to working with you as you step in the acting 
Product leadership role.

We have exciting times  ahead of us. With the movement strategy coming down the 
pike later in the year, we will get the engineering side of the house ready to 
support it. And in the meantime we have so many great opportunities to build on 
our strengths to server the movement and our communities better. This is  a 
great time to be here!

Warm regards,

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