Usecases are appearing, thanks to whomever is intervening, though in a
narrow column so hard to read.

Now I can read it, I see that it is out of date. As a test sample, I
JethroBT (WMF) was granted m:admin rights in June, these expired by
August 2016 and were eventually removed by a volunteer steward in
October 2016. Though I JethroBT is an admin on meta right now, this
was via a separate use case dated "42676", which I presume is
November. Could the spreadsheet be properly reviewed and updated
please, including reformatting the date field so it's easy to

Pine - yes this process of "WMF Advanced Permissions" includes admin
rights for any WMF website and so by-passes the community procedures.


On 14 February 2017 at 17:48, Pine W <> wrote:
> I'm curious about what is meant by "advanced permissions" here. If that
> refers to translation administrator permissions, I have fewer concerns
> about that than I would about admin or CU/OS permissions.
> In general, I'm wary of WMF encroachment on Meta. Placing resources on Meta
> that the community will use is fine and good, but WMF taking unilateral
> actions that circumvent community processes may be inappropriate. For that
> reason, I would like to see most requests for WMF accounts to get
> permissions of admin or higher for community wikis go through the same
> community vetting process as community members do.
> Pine
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 5:11 AM, Fæ <> wrote:
>> The WMF grants special rights to employees on a case-by-case basis,
>> by-passing the normal community driven process to grant admin,
>> developer and other rights. A few years ago the WMF officially
>> committed to making this process transparent, and maintains a public
>> Google Spreadsheet [1] so that anyone can check exactly when rights
>> are granted, why they are given and when they are withdrawn.
>> Previously these were mirrored on-wiki but this process broke due to
>> Google changing its proprietary spreadsheet code.
>> Checking the latest version of the Google spreadsheet, the use cases
>> have been hidden, so non-employees no longer can read the reasons why
>> special rights have been granted. Can a WMF representative please
>> explain why, or restore the use cases to public view?
>> Thanks,
>> Fae
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