2017-02-16 5:57 GMT+01:00 Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com>:

> Hi Fae,
> A few points:
> * Thank you for trying to get and maintain a public list of WMF accounts
> with special permissions. I think that this is helpful for the community to
> know. I also think that WMF should actively maintain the list of WMF
> accounts with special permissions, and the reasons for granting those
> permissions, on Meta.
I concur, this should be WMF's full responsibility.

> * Based on what I currently know, I disagree with WMF's choice to site-ban
> individuals instead of leaving that decision to the community, particularly
> when the evidence is not public. It seems to me that this practice is
> incompatible with transparency, due process, and community governance of
> Wikimedia content sites (which notably excludes the Foundation wiki).

From a legal perspective WMF is the sole owner of these webspaces, then WMF
can ban anyone at any time for any (or no) reason. On the other hand WMF
without an active community is just a non-profit owning four small
datacenters and (dunno, maybe) a floor in a building in SF. So no ban would
be issued on a whim but still WMF must "prove" this.

Dealing with staffs they are way so close to more serious stuffs than the
mediawiki user interface, so I wouldn't care about their on site accesses.
Root access to db, squid data, mailman, physical access to residuals of old
identification system, subpoena etc (even random paper sheets left on the
top of a desktop) is, to me, way more serious than being able to make some
noise in a fairly controlled environment


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