Dear Wikipedians of the world,

this year the article writing contest CEE Spring takes place for the third
time. It is a contest in which Wikipedians write about topics like the
culture, history, notable people, geography, etc., of the region of Central
and Eastern Europe. We are aiming to close the content gap about the region
on as many Wikipedias as possible and this year we are opening it for local
contests outside of the region. On most Wikipedias we, Wikipedians, write
about our own region and topics of worldwide significance. On most
Wikipedias there would be an article about your own history and the history
of the Roman Empire, but there would not be an article about the Kingdom of
Livonia, there would be an article about Luciano Pavarotti, but not about
Solomiya Krushelnytska, an article about Lord Byron, but not about Hristo

You can help us close this knowledge gap by joining CEE Spring and
organising a local contest on your own Wikipedia. It starts on March 21st
and ends on May 31st. The local organisers from the CEE region will prepare
topics on their parts of the world and put them at [1], so that the
participants from your community can find inspiration easily. You can
follow our blog [2] and our Facebook page [3] where we share the stories of
the created articles and interesting topics. If you wish to organise a
contest on your wiki please add your wiki and name at [4].

And if someone creates something exceptional there might be a pleasant
surprise for them one day.

Best regards,

Nikola / User:Lord Bumbury

On behalf of the International Organising Team




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