I'm glad that we're having this discussion, as there are several points
being made that should be considered in the documentation and design of the
global bans system.

I'm trying to think of what next steps would look like for reforming this
system. I'd suggest something like the following:

0. Agreement from WMF to reform the system, and a timeline for doing so.
For example, perhaps there would be agreement to start a "consultation" on
this matter in Q4. The consultation could be designed jointly by
representatives from WMF Legal, WMF SuSa, and community volunteers
(preferably representing a variety of roles and content projects). Note
that for this to work, the designers will need to cooperate with each
other, or the process could descend into protracted disagreements that
would make further progress be very difficult.

1. After the consultation is designed, it can be published for public
input. (That includes input from WMF employees and contractors, individuals
who are associated with Wikimedia affiliate organizations, and individual
community members.)

2. Based on that consultation, the group that was assembled for part 1 can
work together to design a new system. While unanimity is unlikely,
consensus would be preferable. Where the group is uncertain or has internal
disagreements, multiple options can be drafted for the community to
consider in the following phase.

3. Based on the results from phase 2, a community RFC can be conducted. The
RFC should be closed by one or more community stewards.

The biggest downside that I see to this process is that the community
members who volunteer to participate in the consultation design and system
design phases will need to commit dozens of hours of their time, and many
community members who are highly qualified for this kind of work are
already busy with countless other tasks, problems, and projects. So there
will need to be some consideration of how to provide volunteers some relief
from their other responsibilities while they participate in the design

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