This code has been under discussion at since the summer
of 2015, and is finally nearing completion.  The original consensus in 2015
had been that the completed code would be submitted to the community for
ratification and adoption.  However, since the end of 2015 the drafting of
the code has largely been in the hands of a small group of WMF staff, and
they have taken it on themselves to change that consensus and stated that
the code will come into effect as soon as the last section is agreed, which
will be quite soon.

Do the WMF and the wider Community wish to adhere to the initial consensus,
and put the draft code out to the comunity for adoption?  Or will the WMF
choose to enact it on their own authority irrespective of any community
views on the subject?

If the code is to be voted on by the Community, what would be the
appropriate venue for the vote, and where should the vote be publicised?

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