On 02/21/2017 05:42 PM, Erik Bernhardson wrote:
It's not particularly clear hear, which community? The developers of
mediawiki-core? extension developers? people who attend hackathons and
such? It seems all of these groups have been bombarded with calls to
participate in the process over the last year and have had plenty of
opportunity to be heard. That only a small group of WMF staff have decided
to participate, almost entirely in their free time as volunteers and not
paid employees, doesn't seem to change that.

I agree that it's been widely announced in the appropriate venues (e.g. wikitech-l and other lists, Phabricator, MediaWiki.org). Ultimately, what matters is whether they are a participant in the technical community, not whether they are a volunteer or staff. However, both volunteers and staff participants have joined the CoC process.

Matt Flaschen

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