On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 3:46 AM, Matthew Flaschen <mflasc...@wikimedia.org>

> However, both volunteers and staff participants have joined the CoC
> process.

Matthew is too modest – the discussions has been managed by staff since
late 2015, almost all of the contributions to the discussion have been from
staff members, the consultants discussed the process only with staff and
their alleged report was never shown to other participants, part of the
text was dictated directly by WMF Legal staff with others forbidden to
discuss it, and Matthew himself has managed most of the recent work on
opening and closing the discussions, and promoting his "decision" that a
community vote was not necessary.

Without a reference to the community for acceptance, this will be a WMF
policy, imposed by the authority of the WMF.  If the community are happy
with that, all well and good.  But let's not pretend that it's anything

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