Hi Rogol,

When I last spent some time looking at the proposal, I too felt that the
contributions indicated that the policy had far too little community
influence. *However*, if you'll entertain a hypothetical with me for a
moment, let's suppose that the status quo continues and there is
effectively no conduct policy for technical spaces -- in particular,
Phabricator and MediaWiki, unless I am missing a conduct policy that
already applies to them outside of the ToS. If there is no policy, is that
better than the policy that Matthew has been drafting?

I am not saying that I am happy with the process or content of the proposed
policy. On the other hand, I also think there should be something
resembling a civility policy and a system for enforcing it, for Phabricator
and MediaWiki in particular. So if the Code of Conduct that Matthew is
proposing fails in any number of ways (e.g. failing its RfC, failing
through lack of enforcement, etc.), what would you propose be done instead?

I'll note that I'm an admin on the Outreach wiki, where are policies are
few and far between, but fortunately there are few disputes on Outreach,
and most of the problematic behavior that I've seen as an admin involved
clear-cut cases of spam, so I haven't felt a need for us to spend countless
hours drafting and discussing policies. I wonder, are the Phabricator and
Mediawiki spaces generally civil enough that this CoC is disproportionately
weighty as compared to the problems, or would a CoC be a net benefit to
them? What do you (and others) think? I'm not experienced enough in those
spaces to feel like I know enough about them to say one way or the other.
Much as I'm unenthusiastic about the TCoC, I would hope that if there is
not a consensus to implement it, that the consequences and possible
follow-up actions from that decision are carefully considered.

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