I think we definitely should think about next steps if the draft fails to
gain consensus. (And, for that matter, if it does get consensus, there will
be a lot of followup work in that case too.)

But if it fails, one of the most important questions will be "Why did
people object to this and how can we address those issues?"

On Feb 24, 2017 2:15 PM, "Pine W" <wiki.p...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, WMF will have to deal with this policy too. (:
> I'm cautious about using a plurality of comments on this list as a proxy
> for an RfC, but if I was WMF and I was looking at the comments on this
> thread, I would be giving a lot of thought to fallbacks in case the RfC
> either fails to achieve consensus or if there is a consensus against it.
> I'm going to do something bold here and ping Maggie. I met her long before
> she was promoted to her current exalted position, and I like how she thinks
> about problems. I'm not promising to agree with her on this issue, but I'd
> be really interested in hearing her thoughts about options if the TCoC does
> not achieve consensus. I'm asking for opinions and options,rather than
> decisions.While I have mixed feelings about TCoC and the process for its
> creation, I also don't want anarchy in Phabricator and MediaWiki, so it
> seems prudent to explore alternatives.
> A point I should make is that I think that Matthew and others made some
> good-faith efforts with the current draft. I would have proposed far less
> WMF involvement with the draft, but in principle I tend to think that there
> should be some kind of baseline expectation for civil conduct, some
> explanations of what that means, and some ways for the community (i.e. not
> WMF) to address behavior problems in places like Phabricator and MediaWiki.
> Even if this iteration of the TCoC is not adopted, perhaps with some
> modifications or revisions and with community leadership, some kind of TCoC
> will be adopted at a future date.
> Pine
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