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> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> >English Wikipedia policy is clear
> >(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sock_puppetry#Meatpuppetry):
> >"In votes or vote-like discussions, new users may be disregarded or
> >given significantly less weight, especially if there are many of them
> >expressing the same opinion."
> >
> >Other wikis have similar conventions and policies, and some other wikis
> >even formalize this into required edit counts.
> It's darkly amusing to see you citing the English Wikipedia. When I
> pointed out to you on mediawiki.org that
> ​​
> "it would never be appropriate
> for the person who began a discussion to then also close that discussion,"
> you replied that "English Wikipedia policies do not apply here."

​Note that when Matthew brought up the example of English Wikipedia (in
"English Wikipedia policy is clear ..."), it was in response to "This is
always the case." in the following comment:

On 02/21/2017 06:24 PM, Todd Allen wrote:

> No. The community I am referring to is all WMF project participants who
> might be interested in presenting their opinion on the subject, regardless
> of whether or not they currently participate in any given specific area.
> That is always the case.

​Matthew used English Wikipedia as one example to say that the statement
"This is always the case." is not correct.​ Using English Wikipedia as an
example to negate that statement is not in contradiction with what Matthew
said to you on mediawiki.org.

On a separate note to those of you who contribute to technical spaces and
are not happy about how some aspects have gone:

Matthew and a few other people have been trying /really hard/ to make
Wikimedia's technical spaces better. You know that embarking on such a path
is very difficult: it requires spending many many hours of your time (read
life) on it, elaborating, deliberating, documenting, discussing things with
people from different paths of life, etc. They have been doing it for
months now. It's my understanding that they are doing this not to exercise
power over others but to make our technical spaces better, to make them
more enjoyable to contribute in.

For all of us who contribute in technical spaces, we should remember: We
may not agree with every step they take, but we all owe it to them to help
them on this path. What they are doing is a good thing and that's something
that sometimes gets lost in these lengthy conversations.


Leila Zia
Senior Research Scientist
Wikimedia Foundation

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