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> Thank you for sharing that Rachel Nabors post, David; bookmarked. I think
> some on this list are missing the point that codes of conduct are necessary
> to help provide a welcoming and safer environment for marginalized people,
> including the neuroatypical that Tim refers to (somewhat disparagingly). It
> isn't about virtual signaling or earning social justice cred; it's about
> addressing some of the legitimate concerns and fears that prevent people
> including women (of all races), people of color (of all genders), LGBT+
> people, and others from participating fully in spaces and events.
> - Pax aka Funcrunch

Sorry to disagree, but this particular committee is being created on
hypothetical grounds rather than on practical experience and past case
histories for the technical environments being targeted.

Based on my experience of homophobic harassment, I would not go near
this committee to report an issue as it cannot provide any assurance
of confidentiality, nor can they provide assurance that information
provided will not be used for other purposes. Emails sent to the
envisioned committee can be kept as records indefinitely by WMF legal,
who have already refused to explain what records they already hold on
volunteers, and will not cooperate with the police or an attorney of a
victim of harassment without a subpoena (which presumes you already
know what evidence they are holding).

It's a nice thought that the motivation for a code of conduct is to
provide safer spaces for LGBT+ people and others, but the
implementation, in this case, is an overly bureaucratic ghastly mess,
before it has even started.

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