David Gerard <dger...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Eh, they do and that is one of the reasons to oppose the
>> Code of Conduct.  Its draft implicitly alleges that the
>> technical spaces currently are a cesspit that is in urgent
>> need of someone with a rake while protecting actual offend-
>> ers by granting immunity to "neuroatypical" behaviour.

> This is a pretty reasonable presumption regarding technical spaces: if
> you *don't* have a code of conduct, it's a reasonable conclusion from
> outside that there will be serious unacknowledged problems.

> e.g. "You literally cannot pay me to speak without a Code of Conduct"
> http://rachelnabors.com/2015/09/01/code-of-conduct/

> This is literally all well-worn discourse territory, but I'm sure if
> you both persist you can wear everyone down.

Repeating "reasonable" does not replace arguments.  There is
a lot of conjecture around code of conducts, just like there
are a lot of prejudices elsewhere.  Even if a belief is held
by a significant number of people that does not make it a


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