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> A lack of other community members participation is perhaps half on a lack
> of advertising, and half on a lack of interest.

The drafting process was advertised to the point of obnoxiousness. I count
30 announcements in my inbox from Matt, and that's with Gmail merging
identical emails from multiple mailing lists. There has been a discussion
section in all IRL tech events. There has been an extended talk page
discussion with 126 distinct accounts (36 of which have "WMF" in their

For comparison, AFAIK the largest discussion in the technical community so
far was the one to switch from Bugzilla to Phabricator (something that
affects the average contributor far, far more than the existence of a group
of people who address harassment concerns), which had seen the involvement
of 91 accounts:

So IMO neither interest nor participation has been lacking.
I'll also note that I find it unhelpful that this topic is being
forum-shopped here instead of one of the discussion channels of the
Wikimedia tech community (wikitech-l being the obvious one).
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