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> Apart from that, i see a big COI - the staffer in question is voting at
> the voting sections, striking out votes, defending the code of conduct and
> the he is marking a section as "consensus". Imho the COI is obvious, such a
> behavior wouldn't be possible at dewp or commons.

Commons has 30 thousand active editors; dewp has 20 thousand; mediawiki.org
has one thousand. Many smaller wikis don't have the kind of COI rules
around voting that the big ones have, because it's harder to find
uninvolved bystanders who care enough to do the administration. (On huwiki
for example it's customary for the person who proposed the vote to be the

In this case every section closed as consensus had clear majority (60%+ by
my count) and all struck votes were made weeks after the given section was
closed, so I don't see anything problematic about that.
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