The CC-BY-SA license asks for a basic courtesy: You give an acknowledgement
to the person who graciously let you use their work totally free.

It takes all of five seconds to add "Photo by ___________" to a caption. It
takes very little more to add a note that the photo is CC licensed. I can
see why people are a bit put out when someone won't do these very minimal
things in exchange for a rich library of free (as in speech and beer)


On Mar 1, 2017 10:44 PM, "rupert THURNER" <> wrote:

> on the german wikipedia there was a poll to ban images of users who
> send cease and desist letters, triggered by a recent case of thomas
> wolf trying to charge 1200 euro out of a tiny non-profit which
> improperly reused one of his images [1]. thomas article work includs
> "improving text deserts, and changing bad images to (often his own)
> better quality images"[2]. there is a broad majority against people
> who use cease and desist letters as a business model. anyway a small
> number of persons do have such a business model, some of them even
> administrators on commons, like alexander savin [3][4].
> but the topic of course is much more subtle than described above, the
> discussion was heated, and the result close - as always in the last 10
> years. a digital divide between persons supporting the original
> mindset of wikipedia which sees every additional reuse, unrestricted,
> as success, and the ones who think it is not desired to incorrectly
> reference, or feel that others should not make money out of their
> work.
> as both are viable opinions would it be possible to split commons in
> two, for every opinion? the new commons would include safe licenses
> like cc-4.0 and users who are friendly to update their licenses to
> better ones in future. the old commons would just stay as it is. a
> user of wikipedia can easy distinguish if she wants to include both
> sources, or only one of them? there is only one goal: make cease and
> desist letters as business model not interesting any more,
> technically, while keeping the morale of contributors high, both
> sides.
> [1]
> keine_Bilder_in_Artikelnamensraum_von_direkt_abmahnenden_Fotografen
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> interview-mit-simplicius/
> best
> rupert
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