So my 2p:

The issue for me is the selection of topics more than the presentation of
each topic.

I'm not concerned that the document's written differently and with
different standards of sourcing to a Wikipedia article. That's fairly

But selecting 2x refugees and climate change in a list of 10 things  (half
of which are internally focused anyway) and those angles on things - that
does read like someone decided that the WMF annual report was the place to
give Donald Trump a slap. Which isn't what that document is there for.

Yes our mission is political in the broad sense - and as Trump doesn’t seem
to believe in the concept of facts or truth, one could argue  our mission
is fundamentally anti-Trump. But that doesn't mean we should aim pot-shots
at him.

(The Land)

On 2 Mar 2017 21:59, "Tilman Bayer" <> wrote:

On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 4:33 AM, WereSpielChequers <> wrote:

> Otherwise, I haven't fact checked the whole thing, but one problem with
> second sentence:
> *Across the world, mobile pageviews to our free knowledge websites
> increased by 170 million <>.*
> This needs a time element, otherwise it comes across as not really in the
> same league as most stats about Wikipedia. The previous sentence was about
> a whole year's activity and the following one about monthly activity. So
> reads like an annual figure or an increase on an annual figure. But the
> stats it links to imply something closer to a weekly figure. From my
> knowledge of the stats I suspect it could be an increase in raw downloads
> of 170m a day or week or unique downloaders of 170m a week. Any of those
> would actually be rather impressive.
> I saw this too and was wondering about the same. I think your guess is
plausible that this refers to an increase of 170 million in *weekly* mobile
pageviews (for context, mobile web pageviews on all Wikimedia sites for
December 2016, normalized to 30 days, were 7.4 billion, up 11.6% from
December 2015
Even so, there are some details of the calculation that I'm still curious
about, but in any case, the increase in mobile pageviews remains a real and
notable trend worth calling out (cf.
on_(since_May_2013).png ).

BTW, the linked report card is deprecated, as one may infer from the fact
the last numbers date from August 2016.  Here is a current pageviews
dashboard maintained by the WMF Analytics team: https://analytics.
 (click "Break Down by Site" to restrict to mobile views).

For the definition of pageviews in general, refer to .

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