Le 03/03/2017 à 00:26, Zachary McCune a écrit :
Craig, first, thank you. I am honored to be here and to be answerable.[1]

SJ, Florence, George,  you are right. We need better, deeper collaboration
for brand projects like the Annual Report. And I would like to help meet
that challenge. We are actually starting the 2017 Annual Report much
earlier this year (planning will begin in April) so we are well positioned
to gather more input and direction on the next iteration. Activity will be
linked on Meta.[2] Florence, this is also where we post the full site
content when it is final (which is not quite true at present) so it is
available for translation.

I also want to directly engage and act on some of the ideas presented here
for how to improve the Annual Report site.

First, on fact ordering, we are going to make “Wikipedia is update 350
times a minute” the first fact displayed. Great idea Florence, and one that
better articulates what we want to impart: our volunteers are active,
Wikipedia is a living thing, and facts are constantly checked.

Second, on photography, we are going to change the photo that accompanies
the travel fact. We hear and understand that this photo has overstepped the
mark. Moreover, we are fortunate to work with millions of freely-licensed
alternatives so… expect a change.

Third, on fact-checking ourselves. SJ, going forward we will take you up on
that offer and find fact-checkers outside the Foundation. Risker, you are
right, we already know where we can find some. I will detail that coming
into this Report, we have had 40+ reviewers from across departments,
cultures, and experiences in an effort to do proper due diligence. We can
do better, so we will.

Many have reached out to me asking how we can facilitate a more
participatory, and active review cycle for the next report. Keep those
ideas coming. We are up for it.

Also SJ, on the travel stat, we were using the CNN source that interprets
the UNWTO data you are citing.[3] Let’s discuss this off-thread, I want to
make sure we have our math clear here and can confirm CNN is in error.

Generally, the site can offer more explicit citations. Nearly all of the
facts are cited within the stories that contextualize them, but we will go
through and see what can be further emphasized.

On Report promotion, we have paused site banners entirely to allow this
conversation to continue. Yair, I pinged you about this in response to your
Village Pump discussion. Our Piwik analytics show that around 8,000 people
visited the site yesterday to give some idea on the current reach of the

Both the Foundation and the Communications team are listening, working, and

Thank you for working with us. Thanks for *thinking* with us.



You're welcome ;)
Thank you for your work Zack. Appreciated.


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