On 07/03/2017 02:24, James Forrester wrote:
On Mon, 6 Mar 2017 at 18:14 Lilburne <lilbu...@tygers-of-wrath.net <mailto:lilbu...@tygers-of-wrath.net>> wrote:

    For the last 12 years Flickr have a system where people can click on a
    link and get the HTML or BBCODE that properly attributes the image
    with the link to the license and all the rest of the requirements for
    the CC license. Why can't commons do the same?

    Otherwise its not hard to properly attribute a CC- licensed image.

This was provided in MediaViewer some years ago. (See e.g. today's Commons POTD <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ehrenstetten_-_%C3%96lbergkapelle6.jpg#/media/File:Ehrenstetten_-_%C3%96lbergkapelle6.jpg>, unless you're logged into an account that has the feature disabled.)

In which case I have little sympathy for those too lazy to use the tools provided.

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