I am very curious. Why is it that there seems to be so much resistance to
this draft code of conduct?  This document closely parallels both the WMF
friendly space policy and similar policies in the broader tech/developer
community. It is also not that far from policies that exist on many
Wikimedia projects, with the possible exception of having a better
delineated path of reporting of problem behaviour, and a stronger
expectation of having problem behaviour addressed. Do people have a problem
with the document itself, or just the process of its development?

If, for example, the communities of Polish Wikipedia and Polish Wikisource
got together with Wikimedia Poland and they jointly developed a similar
policy to apply in those projects and in events relating to those projects
and organizations, would people from other projects be upset because (in
the rare event that they might edit Polish Wikipedia or attend a Wikimedia
Poland event) those expectations would be applied to them?  Would we, as a
broader community, think that it would be okay to (attempt to) block those
closely related projects/organizations from developing such a policy?

This is a genuine question; I'm having a hard time sorting out some of the
comments that have been made in this thread.

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