Commenting generally (i.e. not specifically to Risker), this topic has been
giving me enough of a headache that I would like to see some kind of path
forward, preferably one with the most harmony. I suggest that what should
happen based on my admittedly not-detailed look at the draft's history and
present state is that the whole document should go forward with an RfC.
After that happens, I hope we'll all have enough clarity about the document
to figure out what should happen next.

Personally, I'm kind of tired of this topic and would like to move on with
something that is less contentious.

I do want some kind of behavior policy for Phabricator in particular. I'm
not sure that it's this one as it's currently written, but I'm more
concerned at this point about procedure than substance. Whatever the
outcome of an RfC on the whole document is, I'd suggest accepting it and
moving forward from there.

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