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> Hoi,
> A lot of effort has gone into getting ready to support OSM in our projects.
> What I want the Wikimedia Foundation is to allow the use of OSM maps in the
> Haitian Wikipedia because existing maps are largely not in sync with the
> reality in Haiti. As I understood from information at the website of
> Doctors without Borders, much of the infrastructure is gone and it is
> problematic to know what exists. They rely on OSM.
> By providing the best maps to the Haitian Wikipedia we provide a relevant
> service. I understand that we do support OSM in Wikivoyage.
> Could we please support OSM maps in the Haitian Wikipedia.


In short:
*  get community consensus
* fill a task in Phabricator for #wikimedia-site-requests
* profit!

The full explanation:

The Wikimedia Foundation renders OpenStreet map tiles on servers hosted
and maintained internally.  The entry point can be seen at:


The integration in wiki projects is made possible by the MediaWiki
extension Kartographer:

That extension is enabled on every public wikis:

 'wmgUseKartographer' => [
     'default' => true,
     'private' => false,

By default we only enable <maplink> which is a link that when clicked
popup a map for the given latitude/longitude at some zoom level.  Example:

<maplink latitude="19.290" longitude="-72.842" zoom="8" />

Example: https://ht.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itilizatè:Hashar

To enable embedded maps, one needs to enable extra settings. You would
want to fill a task in Phabricator using  #wikimedia-site-requests and a
requirement is to have community consensus about it.  Typically done on
the Wiki equivalent of a village pump.

Past examples:

Finish wikipedia https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T151591
Norwegian wikipedia https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T154021

The technical change is absolutely trivial. I can not tell about its
implication for the mobile Zero data plan though.  I am assuming that
maps.wikimedia.org is whitelisted.


Antoine "hashar" Musso

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