This is a tool done by Envel Le Hir using WikiData and published today.

I actually inspired him the idea during a conference, when talking of my desire to get generic data about women professionnal occupation. My main argument is that I felt many of the added biographies about women were about actors, singers, or football players. Much less about politicians and business. But it was a "guess" and I wanted more hard data.

And apparently... he got busy

Hard data (1950-2005 birth dates):
* 80% of the biographies of porn actors are about women.
* 98.3% of beauty pageant contestants are about women.
* 24% of politicians are about women
* 8.4% of computer scientists are about women.

Or ... In Algeria... the more popular occupation of women by far is... Volley Ball !
In France... actors.
And in Guinea... well... hard to say... only 17 biographies about Guinean women anyway.


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