Hi all!

It’s the 10th update! According to English Wikipedia, the traditional gift
for a 10th anniversary is tin and aluminum.[1] So, here is a photo of some
art taken during Wiki Loves Art Netherlands that features a Ta'zīya[2] made
from bamboo and aluminum foil: https://commons.wikimedia.org/?curid=7623863

And now, on with the update!

*Feedback requested*

This week there are two items in particular on Meta-Wiki that would benefit
from your thoughts:

   - What should every participant in the strategy discussions know? The
   briefing document still needs your comments and input to help answer that
   - https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10184031
   - There have been very few comments on the basic premises that should be
   mutually agreed upon by all participants and used as the basis of
   arguments. Once the discussions start, the premises will be fixed, so we
   would like to invite you to review them now.
   - https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10191140

*All Tracks*

   - The Core Team began mapping out a draft of the movement strategy
   process beyond Wikimania. They will share more details next week.
   - Guillaume and Nick Wilson worked on expanding the content and
   navigation of the Meta-Wiki based Movement Strategy Portal.[3]
   - Victor Grigas completed a video which will be used to promote the
   movement strategy process.[4]

*Track A (Organized groups) and Track B (Individual contributors)*

   - The Core Team spent last week in Seattle with Nicole and Jaime A.,
   onboarding them as Track Leads and working through the details of launching
   Tracks A and B by March 14th.
   - Nicole sent 240 emails to invite organized groups to prepare to host
   discussions. So far, 29 have signed up to be Discussion Coordinators.
   - The Core Team and Track Leads posted the toolkit for coordinating
   community discussions on Meta-Wiki and are finalizing the discussion guide
   and discussion prompts.[5]
   - Nicole published the charter for the Track A Advisory Group and
   started to reach out to potential members.[6]
   - The Core Team discussed types of movements, and how different
   movements are organized, as examples for the strategy briefing on Meta.[7]
   - They also proposed a process to read, interpret, and summarize the
   expected volume of ideas from the consultation in an efficient manner.
   - Guillaume has begun onboarding the 19 part-time language coordinators
   who will be supporting discussions with their language communities.[8] Jan
   Eissfeldt is leading the group of Asian language coordinators. The
   coordinators have already started translating strategy materials and
   planning the outreach to their communities.[9] The coordinators are looking
   for additional volunteers to assist them in their and other communities.[10]

*Track C (Partners and readers in higher awareness regions) and Track D
(Partners and readers in lower awareness regions)*

   - The proposed process for Track C has been published on Meta.[11] We
   welcome your thoughts and feedback on the Track’s talk page.
   - Track Leads have developed a job description for a contract Project
   Assistant to support research, event management, and general coordination.
   If you are interested or have a referral, please apply![12]
   - The Core Team and Track Leads received some great recommendations on
   experts to consult across most regions. The team is discussing how to best
   collect your recommendations and will share an update next week.
   - The Core Team is reviewing research proposals from two potential
   research partners to support survey research and desk research.
   - Track D is talking to Reboot,[13] the firm we have worked with for the
   New Readers project, about coordinating the overall track research. They
   are interviewing local research firms for Egypt, Indonesia, and Brazil.
   They expect to have a final arrangement by the middle of next week.
   - The proposed process for Track D will be posted on Meta-Wiki in the
   coming week.

*Next steps*

   - Final preparations for the launch of Track A & B discussions,
   including posting discussion guide and prompts, strategic direction
   definitions/examples, summary pages/templates on Meta-Wiki, and process map
   (currently being designed by the Communications department).
   - Plan and host orientation sessions for paid and volunteer coordinators
   and translate pages to prepare for launch.
   - Publish program outline for the Strategy Track at Wikimedia Conference
   and finalize the schedule.
   - Identify and select Track C & D research firms and consultants.
   - Continue building out the list of experts and developing the expert
   interview guide for Tracks C & D.

Thank you for joining us for the tenth update - happy weekend!


PS. A version of this message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.[14]

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ta%27zieh
[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2017
[4] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2030.wikimedia.org.webm
[5] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2017/Toolkit

[8] https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2017-March/086878.html


[13] https://reboot.org

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