Hi! So there's a sprouting project called WikiJournal
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiJournal_User_Group>, the basic idea of
which is to develop an open peer-reviewed academic journal, where we can
all publish our research, and also, maybe, permalinks to Wikipedia articles
that have been peer-reviewed (featured articles) together with the names of
the main author(s), so as to give some well-deserved credit.

Anyway, the thing is that recently, we've been talking to the owner of
wikijournal.org, a fairly similar project with the perfect domain name, and
he has agreed to a merge. So now we're all excited trying to figure out the
details of the merge, and there's one particular issue I'd like to ask
about. If we migrate the content we currently have (on Meta and
Wikiversity) to wikijournal.org, and the project grows, and eventually gets
accepted as a sister-project (as we hope), how will we merge the user
accounts? Should we not worry about it, and we'll figure it out when the
time comes? Or should we totally worry about it, and adopt some strategy
about it now? What's your advice on this issue? I've been looking around
for documentation but the most relevant one
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/New_project_process> seems to have no
advice on this point.

Thanks for any input!
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