This is a fantastic idea.  Well done to everyone involved.


On 17 March 2017 at 15:06, Asaf Bartov <> wrote:

> Dear Wikimedians,
> The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce a small new program called
> the Hardware Donation Program.  In a word, it is a program designed to
> donate depreciated (but fully working) hardware from the WMF office to
> community members who would put it to good use.
> The program, including instructions on how to apply, is described on Meta,
> here:
> Please read the information carefully. I especially encourage you to pay
> attention to the program's design considerations, which determine most of
> the decisions we'll be making.
> We currently have approximately 20 laptops ready to be donated.
> Applications are welcome.
> The upcoming Wikimedia Conference in Berlin (in about two weeks) would be
> an excellent opportunity to deliver some of those laptops in person to
> approved applications, so if you think you might be interested, I'd
> encourage you to apply as soon as possible.
> Please also help spread the word about this program, by forwarding this
> e-mail to other Wikimedia lists you're on, and posting the link to the
> program page on village pumps and *community* (not public) social media
> channels or other communication forms you use.
> Special thanks to User:Anntinomy from Wikimedia Ukraine, who had the idea
> of asking about possible donation of older machines from WMF, and inspired
> this program.
> Mini-FAQ:
> Q: Why are you doing this?
> A: WMF's Office IT determines a lifetime for work machines, and regularly
> replaces older machines.  This creates a stock of older, working machines,
> that are available for donation.  We can donate them locally to San
> Francisco charities, but figure that if we can find low-cost ways to
> deliver them to our own community members, that's so much better.
> Q: Am I eligible?
> A: Read the fine program documentation.
> Q: If I'm eligible, am I guaranteed a donated laptop?
> A: no.
> Q: Once these 20 laptops are donated, will there be others?
> A: yes, eventually.
> Q: How can you ensure people would use the machines for Wikimedia purposes?
> A: We can't.  We'll be making a good-effort assessment of the likelihood of
> Wikimedia use, and make a decision to donate (or not) the equipment. Once
> donated, the equipment no longer belongs to WMF. We encourage, but can't
> enforce, reporting on impact achieved using the equipment.
> Q: I need a few laptops for my event in two weeks! Can I get them through
> this program?
> A: No. Read the fine program documentation.
> Q: I'm really happy about this!
> A: So are we! :)
> Q: I'm really angry about this!
> A: So it goes.
> Q: I have more questions!
> A: Hit 'Reply'. :)
> Cheers,
>    Asaf
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