Thanks for that.  You write

we are actively working on trying to reduce
> the mandatory time board members have to allocate to WMF. Goal is between
> this year and next year to lower it down to what we benchmarked as average
> (and I can't find the number again, I'll dig into that).

The adverts you are already running say "the time commitment for standard
service is roughly 75 hours per year".  Presumaby you mean that you will
reduce it from that figure to some lower figure over the next year?

There are some optional activities that are already failing to get
sufficient effort to make them worthwhile: I'm thinking in particular of
dialogue at the Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard on Meta,
Perhaps you should bite the bullet here and close it down?  Already
previous and current Board members have commented that it was not
sustainable.  Of course I would encourage you to find some alternative
mechanism, one that you can and will sustain, for serious strategic
engagement between Board and Community.

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