On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 1:06 PM, Christophe Henner <chen...@wikimedia.org>
> 2. Time comitment. So on that, we are actively working on trying to reduce
> the mandatory time board members have to allocate to WMF. Goal is between
> this year and next year to lower it down to what we benchmarked as average
> (and I can't find the number again, I'll dig into that). That work started
> after a discussion with Guy on the fact that the time comitment was so high
> we migh scare away high profiles. So working to get mandatory board time
> down.
> But there's also "non-mandatory" time comitment. I can only speak for me,
> but right now, it takes me from 2h in the day up to 6h, almost everyday. I
> try to have Sundays when I don't work (either for my job or wikimedia). In
> that I do include reading (scanning for some mailing lists) emails.
> Right now, I think that the most complicated thing to handle is travel
> times as you need to take almost a week off every time we travel abroad.
> But until we invent teleportation (that would be super cool), I can't see a
> way to change that.
> This resonated so strongly I had to write in. I think you've nailed it -
it's not about money. It's about time.

And not just the mandatory time commitment, but also the non-mandatory time
commitment...the expectations we have of ourselves, the extra time we put
in not because it's compulsory - this isn't a job after all (although it
feels like a part-time one). But because it's hard to be an effective board
member without putting in that extra effort.

Much as I loved it, I often felt I was drowning when I was a board member.
I often found it really hard to flip my mind space and my mental energies
between my paid day job and my wikimedia commitments - and sometimes had to
put my day job on the backburner. Or family, friends, life, the universe
and everything. None of which is tenable beyond a point.

The other issue is the travel. Now that I'm an FDC member, I can see how
two in-person meetings a year versus four makes a huge difference. [And as
a related aside, the time commitment as an FDC member is way way more
manageable - and takes place in two big chunks, not as an everyday thing.]

It would be great if you'll could rethink the time and travel expected of
board members, so that the whole thing is less of a super-human endeavour.

Good luck!
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