Hi Pine,

it's always easier of course to tell other people what they have to change,
which is why I'm asking the opposite question too :) What can we change, on
our end, to make communications easier for the WMF, for community members
that want to reach out, for chapters and other affiliates. All these are
having a hard time to get useful input from the community.

There seem very few generally accepted approaches to that:
- using some mailing list, or some kind of forum that serves a part of the
community you think would be most relevant (such as this mailing list, the
wikitech mailing list etc).
- Going all out and doing a full scale consultation/RfC with banners and
everything. Gives you lots of comments.
- Doing a broad and translated approach through village pumps etc - gives
you a broad reach over languages, but within those languages still reaches
a specific part of the community.

Those methods are typically either very expensive, or not very effective.
And I'm only talking about getting input here, not even about 'informing'

So what can we, as a community, change to facilitate better exchange of
ideas, experiences and provide input?


PS: I apologize to the people who read this kind of email for the n'th
time, it's not the first time I talk about this, I guess :)

2017-03-20 7:40 GMT+01:00 Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com>:

> Attempting to summon Chris Schilling over here from the other thread. (:
> I think that some kind of analysis about optimal use of consultations and
> surveys would be beneficial, and I'd welcome seeing something like that in
> the next Annual Plan. Perhaps there might even be a consultation or survey
> about consultations or surveys, which I know sounds ironic but may be
> helpful in figuring out how much is too much or too little, timing,
> locations, etc.
> Information management is a big deal. We have watchlists, email, social
> media channels, Echo, and lots of other tools, but even so -- or perhaps
> because -- there are so many channels, it's easy to drown. I imagine that
> holds true for both staff and community members, and I'd welcome some
> initiatives to improve the situation. Perhaps someone will have some ideas
> that they can submit to IdeaLab.
> Pine
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