All surveys should have a feedback option at the end, That lets people comment 
on what was right or more often what was wrong with the survey. There is almost 
always something wrong with the questions and options for answers, which is 
annoying and frustrating as you know that the results will be distorted and 
there is no way of letting the surveyors know what the problems are.  A lot of 
feedback will be a load of rubbish too, but there will usually be something to 
learn from it. This also combines survey and consultation to some extent. 

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Attempting to summon Chris Schilling over here from the other thread. (:

I think that some kind of analysis about optimal use of consultations and 
surveys would be beneficial, and I'd welcome seeing something like that in the 
next Annual Plan. Perhaps there might even be a consultation or survey about 
consultations or surveys, which I know sounds ironic but may be helpful in 
figuring out how much is too much or too little, timing, locations, etc.

Information management is a big deal. We have watchlists, email, social media 
channels, Echo, and lots of other tools, but even so -- or perhaps because -- 
there are so many channels, it's easy to drown. I imagine that holds true for 
both staff and community members, and I'd welcome some initiatives to improve 
the situation. Perhaps someone will have some ideas that they can submit to 

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