Thanks, but I think this is a Board issue, and that the Board Governance
Committee should be invited to consider it.  However, as I'm sure you are
well aware, real names are required in a wide variety of contexts.  It is
the extent to which they are made public that differs.


On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 11:40 AM, Jonathan Cardy <
> wrote:

> Hi Rogol,
> If you want to make an exception to pseudonymity and require real name
> disclosure for volunteers in such a post then a post on a talkpage or on
> this mailing list isn't enough to get a change. You or someone else would
> need to start a request for comment, presumably on meta, and you'd need
> enough to agree with you to get consensus.
> It would be a big change from the principle of only requiring real names
> for paid staff, and for volunteers such as trustees who are in roles where
> it is legally required.
> Regards
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