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> Hi all,
> ==Background==
> In November 2016, I presented the result of a joint research that
> helped us understand English Wikipedia readers better. (Presentation
> at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIaMuWA84bY ). I talked about how
> we used English, Persian, and Spanish Wikipedia readers' inputs to
> build a taxonomy of Wikipedia use-cases along several dimensions,
> capturing users’ motivations to visit Wikipedia, the depth of
> knowledge they are seeking, and their knowledge of the topic of
> interest prior to visiting Wikipedia. I also talked about the results
> of the study we did to quantify the prevalence of these use-cases via
> a large-scale user survey conducted on English Wikipedia. In that
> study, we also matched survey responses to the respondents’ digital
> traces in Wikipedia’s server logs which enabled us in discovering
> behavioral patterns associated with specific use-cases. You can read
> the full study at https://arxiv.org/abs/1702.05379 .
> ==What do we want to do now?==
> There are quite a few directions this research can continue on, and
> the most immediate one is to understand whether the results that we
> observe (in English Wikipeida) is robust across languages/cultures.
> For this, we are going to repeat the study, but this time in more
> languages. Here are the languages on our list: Arabic, Dutch, English,
> Hindi, Japanese, Spanish (thanks to all the volunteers who have been
> helping us translating all survey related documents to these
> languages.:)
> ==What about your language?==
> If your language is not one of the six languages above and you'd like
> to learn about the readers of Wikipedia in it (in the specific ways
> described above), please get back to me by Monday, April 24, AoE. I
> cannot guarantee that we can run the study in your language, however,
> I guarantee that we will give it a good try if you're interested. The
> decision to include more languages will depend on: our capacity to do
> the analysis, the speed at which your community can help us translate
> the material to the language, the traffic to that language, a couple
> of sentences on how you'd think the result can help your community,
> and your willingness to help us document the results for your language
> at https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Characterizing_
> Wikipedia_Reader_Behaviour
> (Quite some work will need to go to have readable/usable
> documentations available and we are too small to be able to guarantee
> that on our own for many languages.)
> Best,
> Leila
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