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> I  look at the current processes around affiliates thats made it a longer
> journey for any group to become a chapter, but once there it appears rather
> to not take that way in reverse.  Maybe the process could be reconfigured
> to enable a smoother transition in either direction, and wouldnt such a
> transition be of greater benefit to the movement long term.  It could have
> more been more productive less dramatic to have rebadged WMPH as a user
> group, with a name change to a more regional identity.

exactly,  a very good idea - smoother transitions between the statuses
could have some merit.

My biggest concern is that in all necessary decommissionings and
non-compliance notices we also end up discouraging good-will volunteers -
offering them a less demanding status could definitely be an option to help
them recover and come back.

dj "pundit"
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