Here is a high level Wikistats page on how our projects fared in terms of 
active wikis.

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So we are talking about dead/small projects now? I work on many of them and I 
think that what WMF is mainly rationalization. It's not about just turning them 
off but merging, interacting or rebranding many times. IMHO. The problem are 
both the few user active on them which are proud and they want to loose their 
"little space" and the snob attitude of users on big wikipedias. Such a pity, 
there is plenty of room for improvement once you go beyond the simplest 
black/white scenario. I guess people just need time to think of the platform as 
an ecosystem, where really few things needs to be removed, whilst it does 
require flexibility to integrate and rethink them. I hope new generation of 
users will help us in going that directions. i am still wondering why we don't 
have a unified cross-language platform for some of them yet. I don't care if in 
2003 or 2004 someone was unable to understand English... we had commons, 
wikidata, SUL... seriously talk to newbies and get over it. I am not citing any 
platform specifically here, just to avoid long mails defending the status quo. 
Let's leave colonel Kurtz in the jungle, he will get tired one day.
But about wikinews for example, I make interviews on itwikinews. Not recently, 
but I have a long list of option when i have more time. I link them to the 
articles, they looks fine as an integration. Also they are a wonderful way to 
establish different connections. So sad noone uses it, because they could. The 
news part has low activity, but for example it still attracts new young users. 
One of the most motivated young WMI members comes from the "poor" itwikinews. 
He's very young yet he organized an event, specifically in an area where 
wiki.activities were missing since a decade. Without the freedom of wikinews, 
he would have needed much time to get the same level of confidence. I don't 
think that itwikipedia users understand these aspects, do they? So can you find 
me a replacement for that? And please notice, i am not defending my little 
garden here, I just work there sometimes and I see things that are useful to 
preserve. Can you do it somehow, while closing it? That's what I need to know.


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 On 26 April 2017 at 09:23, Andrea Zanni <> wrote:

> Last time I remember we had a discussion¹ was September 2011 (!):
> ad.html

Everyone interested in Wikified news should read the Wikinews threads in that 

That's where the complaint that Wikinews is process-heavy comes from.
But it really isn't process-heavy at all, if you look at the actual process. 
The blocker appears to have been insufficient or careless reviewers. (Japan 
getting a new Prime Minister apparently not being relevant to Wikinews because 
the sources weren't in English.)

You'll also see numbers as to why it looks like a dead project from any 
reasonable outside perspective.

- d.

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