A couple of weeks ago, Wikimedia Sweden organised the Wikipedia Day,
which will hopefully become an annual event. Some programme items,
some socialising, and the presentation of a new award,
Wikimediapriset, to be given to someone who's been furthering open
knowledge. I don't think anyone's mentioned it on this list, and in
the spirit of sharing good things, we should talk about Holger.

The receiver was Holger Ellgaard, User.Holger.Ellgaard, for his vast
amount of Wikipedia articles related to Stockholm. A retired architect
and nowadays – it seems – full-time Wikipedian, Holger mainly writes
about buildings, neighbourhoods and city planning. His articles (a
couple of thousand in total) are generally well sourced, easy to read
and understand, and well illustrated. Some Wikipedia articles have a
large number of illustrations because the photographer wanted
somewhere to put their pictures; Holger's articles are heavily
illustrated because it adds to the understanding of the subject at
hand. He wants to visit the places he's to write about, to get a
feeling for them as well as to get the images.

Some of my favourites:

City planning in Stockholm

Public toilets in Stockholm:

Street lighting in Stockholm:

Public bomb shelters in Stockholm:

The Swedish standard kitchen:

Skokloster Castle:

In addition to creating good articles, Holger is polite and willing to
help other editors when they're writing within his field of expertise.
We, and everyone who can read Swedish, are lucky this is what he
decided to spend his time on.

//Johan Jönsson

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