During my time at the *Signpost*, there were large fluctuations in the
supply of people who had the time, willingness, and skills to write regular
features for the *Signpost* and work on the publication process. As far as
I know, the labor supply is still the biggest problem. The discussion on
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Wikipedia_Signpost supports
that view, although there is also some discussion about technical problems
with the publication process.

I think that the labor supply problem could be partially addressed by
making at least some Signpost work into part-time paid work.

However, I'm not sure that anyone with the required financial resources
would be willing to fund this work. I think that is the biggest step that
would need to be addressed.

If work on the *Signpost* isn't funded and if volunteer availability
continues to be limited at best, then unfortunately the *Signpost* may
become a shadow of its former self, or fade into memory indefinitely. I
would be sorry to see either of those outcomes. I think that the *Signpost*
performed a valuable community service as a reliable weekly or semi-weekly
publication with a variety of informative and interesting content.

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