Thank you for sharing this news, Minh.

I always struggle with what to say, if anything, when we lose one of our
colleagues. Each of us has limited time in our one life, and sometimes I
find it helpful to be reminded that our work of sharing the world's
knowledge is for everyone including those who come after us. We are
creating a multi-generational project of humanity's knowledge. I like to
think that all of us who contribute in the spirit of the projects have
portions of ourselves that will live on in Wikimedia, passed on from
generation to generation.

by Catherine Munro
"One gateway to the wide garden of knowledge,
where lies
The deep rock of our past,
in which we must delve
The well of our future,
The clear water
we must leave untainted
for those who come after us,
The fertile earth,
in which truth may grow
in bright places,
tended by many hands,
And the broad fall of sunshine,
warming our first steps
toward knowing
how much we do not know."

Rest in peace, Lê Thy.

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