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The Wiki Education Foundation's draft annual report for 2016–17 and draft
annual plan for 2017–18 is now available on Meta:

This marks the first time that Wiki Ed staff have solicited Wikimedia
community comments and questions on our draft. We're doing so this year
based on conversations with members of the Simple APG Committee. As you can
see in our plan, Wiki Ed intends to enter the FDC process this fall. During
the review process from the Simple APG committee this spring, committee
members raised concerns about a lack of opportunity for comments on Wiki
Ed's draft annual plans. While we always publish our board-approved annual
plan on our website, we haven't offered a draft for comments in the past.
In an effort to be more transparent and respond to the Simple APG
committee's feedback, I've posted the draft of the annual plan on Meta and
invite comments and questions from the broader Wikimedia community on the
draft talk page. Comments made prior to May 28 will be taken into account
when Wiki Ed staff prepare a final version of the plan for the board to
vote upon.

As with all nonprofits, our board is the final decision-maker on our annual


LiAnna Davis
Director of Programs; Deputy Director
Wiki Education Foundation
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